Our Services

Permanent Excellence

We Promise That Professionalism, Quality, And Integrity Is Reflected Throughout The Recruitment Process At All Times, And That Only The Best Available Luxury Retail Professionals Are Supplied To Our Clients. Our Industry Minded Consultants With Excellent Commercial And Brand Awareness Have The Experience To Match Suitable Candidates Tailored To Specific Client Needs Resulting In Reliable Permanent Hires To Contribute To The Success Of Your Business.

Temporary Workforce

Our Temporary Workforce Solution Provides Hassle Free Temporary & Fixed Term Contract (FTC) Staff To Cope With Any Skill Gaps Your Business May Be Experiencing. In The Uncertain Covid-19 World This Solution Proves A Lifesaving Business Commodity.



How It Works:

  • This Service Provides An ‘On-Demand’ Access To Highly Skilled Luxury Professionals (Of Any Skill Level).

  • We Evaluate All Candidates To Ensure They Meet Specific Needs, And Skills Criteria.

  • Add Specialised Skills Without Adding Permanent Headcount.

  • Gain Effective Scalability With The Flexibility To Staff Up, Or Down, Quickly And Cost-Effectively.

  • Potential To Convert A Temp To A Permanent Hire At A Later Date.


Why use J. Alexander Temps?

  • We Believe In Paying Temps Competitively In Line With The Market To Ensure Quality Candidates, Instil Loyalty, And Reliability.

  • As Experts In The Luxury Talent Market We Understand What Talents Will Benefit Your Business.

  • Cost Effective And Time Efficient.